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Personalized Models of Psychopathology.
Annual Review of Clinical Psychology  (IF18.561),  Pub Date : 2020-02-18, DOI: 10.1146/annurev-clinpsy-102419-125032
Aidan G C Wright,William C Woods

The personalized approach to psychopathology conceptualizes mental disorder as a complex system of contextualized dynamic processes that is nontrivially specific to each individual, and it seeks to develop formal idiographic statistical models to represent these individual processes. Although the personalized approach draws on long-standing influences in clinical psychology, there has been an explosion of research in recent years following the development of intensive longitudinal data capture and statistical techniques that facilitate modeling of the dynamic processes of each individual's pathology. Advances are also making idiographic analyses scalable and generalizable. We review emerging research using the personalized approach in descriptive psychopathology, precision assessment, and treatment selection and tailoring, and we identify future challenges and areas in need of additional research. The personalized approach to psychopathology holds promise to resolve thorny diagnostic issues, generate novel insights, and improve the timing and efficacy of interventions.