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Validation of the HPV Impact Profile in Portuguese women with human papilloma virus.
Current Medical Research and Opinion  (IF2.58),  Pub Date : 2019-03-08, DOI: 10.1080/03007995.2019.1575193
B Daiana Santos,Celia S Moreira,Estela Vilhena,Emilia Carvalho,M Graça Pereira

Objective: Human papilloma virus (HPV) is the world's most common causative agent in sexually transmitted viral infections; thus requiring clinical guidance, before and after treatment, to promote better quality of life in women diagnosed with HPV. The HPV Impact Profile (HIP) is a comprehensive instrument used to assess the psychosocial impact of HPV and related interventions in a wide range of domains. The main purpose of this study was to validate the HIP in Portuguese women, so that it can be used in this population, both in research and in clinical settings. Methods: A sample of 178 Portuguese women infected with HPV were assessed with the following instruments: Index of Sexual Satisfaction, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale and HPV Impact Profile. Results: The results of the confirmatory factor analysis showed some changes to the original model, which resulted in an adapted version with six domains, compared to the seven domains of the original model. The final model showed a good fit to the data. All Cronbach's alphas were higher than 0.79 indicating a high level of internal consistency of the subscales. As in the original HIP questionnaire, the exception was sexual impact, with a lower, but acceptable, Cronbach's alpha. Convergent and discriminant validities of the instrument were also assessed. Conclusions: The Portuguese version of the HIP presents good psychometric properties, allowing its use in clinical trials as well as in clinical practice in order to evaluate quality of life in women with HPV.