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Differences, predictors, and moderators of therapeutic adherence in patients recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
Journal of Health Psychology  (IF3.231),  Pub Date : 2018-06-13, DOI: 10.1177/1359105318780505
M Graça Pereira,Susana Pedras,Gabriela Ferreira,José C Machado

This study analyzed the differences over time in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients on reported adherence. A longitudinal design with two assessment moments was used with 268 patients who were assessed on adherence to self-care behaviors and medication, beliefs about medicines, psychological distress, trust in the physician, and satisfaction with care. HbA1c and general beliefs about medicines decreased from T1 to T2 while adherence to foot care, the needs of medicines, and psychological distress increased. Beliefs about medicines, satisfaction with communication/information, and trust in physician predicted adherence. Intervention should consider these variables when promoting adherence.